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  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


Saturday's Menu on 8.3.2019 (8:30 am-2:00 pm) @PSU Farmers Market

Please check our Saturday's Menu for tomorrow on 8.3.2019 (8:30am to 2:00 pm) @ PSU Farmers Market to our website below! Our booth is on the east side of the market between SW Harrison Street and SW Hall Street by Neuberger Hall. Our Booth's tent is ##106.


This market is located on the campus of Portland State University in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery. A street address that’s close to this market: 1717 SW Park Avenue.Thank you so much and hope to see you tomorrow! :)

There is a limit to the number of this item.

Shiba Wichern Cellars Willamette Blanc Wine Jelly w/ Kiyokawa Family Orchards Balaton Sour Cherry Compote Jelly & White Chocolate Mousse


*Mio's Delectables Signature Fresh Fruit Tarts

(Raspberry & Strawberry, Yellow Peach, and Blackberry & Strawberry)


*Fresh Blueberry & Strawberry Bavarois w/ Blueberry Italian Meringue on Top



*Baked Orange Tart w/ Hazelnut Tant Pour Tant & Chocolate Ganache

*Baked Strawberry Tart w/ Strawberry & Rhubarb Confiture

*Baked Blueberry Tart w/ Blueberry Confiture

*Baked Grapefruit Tart w/ Prune Confiture

*Baked Apricot Tart w/ Prune Confiture
*Baked Pineapple Tart w/Prune Confiture
*Baked Yellow Peach Tart w/ Prune Confiture
*Baked Plum Tart w/ Prune Confiture

*Baked Fresh Pineapple Tart w/ Raspberry Confiture

*Baked Pear Tart w/ Raspberry Confiture

*Berry Crumble Tart w/ Blueberry Confiture

*Banana Crumble Tart w/ Banana Flambé
*Meyers Lemon & YUZU Curd Tart

*Fresh Seasonal Fruits Tart w/ Rhubarb Confiture


*Lime Curd Tart-let

*Raspberry & Bitter Chocolate Ganache Tart-let w/ Raspberry Confiture
*Green Tea White Chocolate Ganache Tart-let w/ Thin Layer of Lemon Curd
*Strawberry & Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache Tart-let w/ Thin Layer of Lemon Curd

*Baked Japanese Sweet Potato (Satsumaimo) Tart-let
*Baked Purple Potato Tart-let
*Baked Pumpkin Tart-let


*Crème Caramel w/ homemade caramel
*Green Tea Pudding w/ Coconut Sugar Syrup
*Black Sesame Pudding w/ Coconut Sugar Syrup

*Gluten Free N.Y. Style Cheese Cake

*Gluten Free N.Y. Style Lime Cheese Cake

*Pave au Chocolat Cake Sliced & Bite Size with Fruits

*Bitter Chocolate Macaron w/ Bitter Chocolate Ganache Filling

*Blueberry Macaron w/ Lemon Filling

*Green Tea Macaron w/ Green Tea White Chocolate Ganache Filling

*Dragon Fruit & Lemon Meringue Cookies

*Cassis ( Black Currant) Guimauve -the French marshmallows


*Gluten Free Vanilla Bean Short Bread Cookies
*Vanilla Bean Short Bread Cookies
* Bitter Chocolate Short Bread Cookies
* Lavender & Coconut Short Bread Cookies
* Miso & Sesame Short Bread Cookies
* Orange Zest & Bitter Chocolate Short Bread Cookies

*Strawberry & Raspberry Short Bread Cookies

*Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

*Rose Petal & Apricot Short Bread Cookies


*Lemon Poppy Seed Cake w/ Lemon Confit


*Flower Shaped Butter Cookies

(a small French pastry flavored with rum and vanilla with a soft and tender custard center and a dark, thick caramelized crust.)

*English Style Orange Coconut Scone w/ Roasted Coconut on Top

*English Style Green Tea Coconut Scone w/ Roasted Coconut on Top

*English Style Savoy Bacon, Edam cheese Scone

*Mio's Delectables Signature Japanese Style Chocolate Strawberry Short Cake

w/ Shiba Wichern Cellars Red Wine chocolate Ganache

*Mio's Delectables Signature Japanese Style Vanilla Strawberry Short Cake

*Fresh Seasonal Fruits Mille Crêpes w/ Fresh Local Seasonal Fruits

*Lemmon Swiss Roll w/ Kiyokawa Family Orchards Balaton Sour Cherry Compote

*Matcha Rum Truffle Chocolate

*Blood Orange & Cointreau Cake w/ Jacobsen Salt and Black pepper

*Choux à la crème Currant Confiture w/ Crème Chantilly



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