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  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


Would you like to have some Valentine's Day Desserts?

Valentine's Day (on Wednesday, February 14th) order is being accepted now on Tuesday, February 13th by 3:00pm. Pick up place is Mio's Delectables Studio. ( SE Portland, Woodstock area)
Please visit our website and order them!
Thank you so much!!


Chocolate Ganache Tart w/ Shiba Wichern CellarsShiba Wichern Cellars Red Wine & Raspberry Confiture
*Small ( 5.5”) $27.00*Large ( 6.5”) $30.00


Meyers Lemon Yuzu Curd Tart
*Small ( 5.5”) $27.00 *Large ( 6.5”) $30.00



*Framboisie $25.00
(Raspberry Mousse, Almond Sponge cake and Raspberry Jelly)


*Mousse au Chocolat et à l'orange $25.00
(Orange Mousse, Chocolate Almond Sponge Cake, Orange Jelly)


*Valentine's Day Gift Box
2x Crunchy White Chocolate & Strawberry, Dark Chocolate & Raspberry

2x Petite Gâteau au chocolat w/ Orange Peel

1x Triple Chocolate Cookies ( Raspberry, Pistachio, Vanilla)

1x Chocolate & Vanilla Galettes Bretonne

1x Fève de cacao Cookie w/ Passionfruit & Pinkpepper

1x Palmier


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