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  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


We deeply appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you for coming to last Saturday market in spite of poor weather. We would like to say thanks to everyone; the special desserts, Edamame panna cotta and Edamame Rice cake ( ZUNDA-MOCHI) with Cameron Winery white wine agar Jelly, sold out! Because of you, we were able to donate $205 ( ¥23,370) to the Miyagi Prefecture, which will support Tohoku children who were impacted by the 2011 earthquake.
Again, we deeply appreciate your cooperation.

Mio Asaka
Mio's Delectables

先週の土曜日に販売させて頂いた枝豆パンナコッタ、ずんだ餅、白ワイン添え」の売り上げを、『東日本大震災みやぎこども育英募金』に合計¥23,370 寄付させて頂くことができました。

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