Mio's Delectables

  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


🦃Happy Thanksgiving on Wednesday,November 22nd at Shemanski Special Harvest Market!! 🦃

🦃Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃
Thank you so much for your continuous support!
We are officially opening on Wednesday, November 22nd from 10:00am to 2:00pm at Shemanski Special Harvest Market!!
Hope to see you there!

*Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha) Tart 5.5" $26.00 / 6.5" $29.50


Berry Crumble Tart 5.5" $26.00 / 6.5" $29.50


*Galette w/ Poached Cranberry on Top
   ・Apple Galette
   ・Pear Galette
   ・Orange Galette $17.50 each


*Gift Box $29.50
•Chocolate & Sour Cherry Pound Cake
W/ Candied Ginger & Salted Chocolate
•Chocolate Covered Cranberry Biscotti x3
•Marron ( Chestnut) Macaron x3
•2x Mio’s Delectables Signature Shortbread Cookies
•Thanksgiving Butter Cookies
•Nuts Tart OR Linzer Tart


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