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  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


Saturday's Menu on 11.28.2015 (9:00am-2:00 pm) @PSU Farmers Market

We'll sell these items at PSU Farmers Market on this Saturday 11.28.2015 ( 9:00am to 2:00 pm).

This market is located on the campus of Portland State University in the South Park Blocks between SW Hall & SW Montgomery. A street address that’s close to this market: 1717 SW Park Avenue.

Our Booth's tent is changed the location. New location is between SW Montgomery St. and SW Harrison St. and the front of Smith Memorial Student Union.

Our booth's tent  is #21


There is a limit to the number of this item.

+++Coconut & Bitter Chocolate Special  and last day to sell Mont Blanc aux Marron this year !+++

*Roasted Coconut Quatre-Quarts w/ Bitter Chocolate Ganache

*Roasted Coconut Macaron w/ Bitter Chocolate Ganache

*Apple Galette w/ Apple White Wine Confiture & Poached Cranberry on Top

*Gluten Free Green Tea Swiss Roll Cake w/ Purple Sweet Potato Filling & Green Tea White Chocolate Ganache

*Palmier Cookies

*Chestnut Pie w/ Sweetened Chestnut (SHIBUKAWA-NI) and Chestnut filling inside

*Mont Blanc aux Marron w/ Galette Bretonne, Pinot Noir confiture and Sweetened Chestnut (SHIBUKAWA-NI) on the Top

* Farmer's Vegetable Quiche ( Fennel, Leek, baby  Portobello mushroom, Asparagus, Kale,Radicchio and Triple Colored Potato)

*Baked Japanese Pumpkin ( Kabocha) Tart

* Baked Japanese Sweet Potato ( Satsumaimo) Tart

*Baked Purple Sweet Potato Tart

*Baked Pink Grapefruit Tart w/Prune Confiture

*Baked Navel Orange Tart w/ Hazelnut & Caramel Sauce

*Baked Strawberry Tart w/ Strawberry Rhubarb Confiture

*Strawberry & Cranberry Ganache Tart w/ Lemon Curd    

*Blueberry Ganache Tart w/ Lemon Curd                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

*Green Tea Ganache Tart w/ Lemon Curd    

*Myers's Rum Chocolate Ball

*English Style Bacon Edam Savory Scone w/ Rosemary Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese on Top

* Gluten Free Vanilla Bean Short Bread Cookies
* Vanilla Bean Short Bread Cookies
* Green Tea ( Macha) Short Bread Cookies
* Bitter Chocolate Short Bread Cookies
* Lavender & Coconut Short Bread Cookies
* Espresso & Wheat Bran Short Bread Cookies
* Rosemary & Oregano Short Bread Cookies
* Hoji-cha & Genmai Short Bread Cookies
* Miso & Sesame Short Bread Cookies


* Orange & Bitter Chocolate Short Bread Cookies
* Raspberry & Strawberry Short Bread Cookies

* Cranberry & Ginger Short Bread Cookies

Please check it out and thank you so much! 

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