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  Mio's Delectables offers the best hand-crafted pastries. Each pastry is perfected with French tradition and Japanese refined simplicity.


November 7 Saturday PSU Farmers Market return!!

November 7 Saturday PSU Farmers Market return!!

PSU Farmers Marketにて

Hello, everyone.  I hope all is well.  I enjoyed my happy days at Shemanski Farmers Market this summer hearing about your travel stories, daily happenings, and so many other things while I was able to share my pastries abundant with seasonal fruits surrounded by tall trees in the park.  I truly appreciate your support.

みなさん、お元気ですか?今年の夏は、Shemanski Farmers Marketで旬の果物をふんだんに使ったお菓子を提供で出来たこと、そして大木に囲まれている公園は、体感温度も涼しく感じ、みなさんとも旅の話、そして日常のニュースなどなど沢山のお話し出来たことがとても楽しく、嬉しい日々となりました。本当に有難うございます。

October was a vacation month for me:  I went to Hawaii from October 8th through 12th.  The lovely taste of tropical fruits made me somewhat nostalgic as if they held me in a gentle caress.  The flavors were lovely and heartfelt, just like the weather. The local market was completely different from ones in Portland, and I actually found Japanese foods (e.g. takoyaki, abalone grilled with soy sauce, etc.)!



On October 22nd,  I was able to take part in an event hosted by Portland Japan Girls by donating my Matcha shortbreads.  Mr. George Nakata, a second generation Japanese American, made a fascinating speech full of pioneer spirit about many things such as his family ties and Japantown, and it was a wonderful and valuable experience for me.

10月22日は、Portland Japan Girls主催のイベントに抹茶のクッキーを寄付させて頂きました。日系アメリカ人2世のジョージ・ナカタさんが、第二次世界大戦以前ポートランドにあったジャパンタウン(日本町)の事や、ご自身が育った上での家族の絆などをテーマにしたスピーチはとても興味深く、開拓者精神を聞かせていただけた貴重な体験となりました。

On another note, my pastries will be available at PSU Farmers Market on Saturdays, starting on November 7 through December 19, 9am-2pm.  


I've received many inquiries about Mont Blanc, and they will be available from the first day.  However, their availability is limited since the chestnut harvest was not as bountiful as I had hoped for.  They will only be available while the supplies last, so please enjoy the taste of fall while you can.  Please also enjoy other pastries with persimmons, apples, etc. etc. etc.!


I look forward to seeing you soon!

さて、11月7日(土)よりお菓子の販売をPSU Farmers Marketにて9時から14時まで販売させて頂きます。(12月19日まで)




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